Windy Gap Wishes

~ BOOK 1 ~

Will Leah Fisher find love because of a buggy accident?


Could love soften Leah’s heart so that she is able to see her answered prayers in Naomi Yoder or will she drive a wedge between her father and the only woman he has shown interest in since Elisabeth Fisher’s death?

Leah Fisher lost her mother ten years ago. She is rapidly approaching womanhood and the lack is becoming more difficult every day.

Will she be able to recognize love when it’s right in front of her?

Could love be the key to Leah opening her heart, making room for the woman her father intends to marry… or will she stubbornly cling to the memory of her own mother?

Will Leah be able to let go of her own ideas and realize that God truly does know best for her or will she allow love to slip through her fingers, destroying Samuel Fisher and Naomi Yoder’s happiness at the same time?











What Readers, Reviewers and Authors are saying…


“A Mother for Leah is a story about finding love and joy again after an unexpected tragedy rocks an Amish family’s life. Sweet, compelling, and filled with a charming cast of characters who will resonate with readers of all ages.”
                                             ~ Suzanne Woods Fisher, bestselling author of The Quieting


“I loved the storyline and the characters. The author’s writing pulled me in and made me feel like I was part of the community.”
                                             ~ Ann Lacy Ellison, reader, reviewer & blogger


“Miller’s love for the Amish people and culture is evident in her story, A Mother for Leah.”
                                             ~ Ruth Reid, Bestselling author of the Heaven on Earth novels.


“A Mother for Leah is filled with charming characters and emotional moments that will touch your heart. Highly recommended for Amish romance lovers!”
                                             ~ Jennifer Beckstrand, author of Return to Huckleberry Hill


“Miller creates stories of faith, hope, and love that draw in the reader… and won’t let go. I was captured from the start as I found myself weeping along with Leah.”
                                             ~ Naomi Miller, Author of bestselling series, Amish Sweet Shop Mysteries


“A story of love’s healing power and restoration. . . Miller weaves a sweet message of God’s faithfulness and provision that will pull at readers’ heartstrings.”
                                             ~ Rachel Muller, Author of bestselling series, Love & War


“Miller has penned an Amish tale guaranteed to captivate the reader. The story is rich with hope of new life and love. A well-written story for fans who can’t get enough bonnet fiction.”
                                             ~ Laura V. Hilton, author of The Amish Wanderer (Whitaker House)


“A Mother for Leah: Windy Gap Wishes Book One, is a comfortable read. It’s a simple story of faith and the never-ending cycle of life amongst the Amish… a pleasant read, a story written with compassion.”
                                             – Readers’ Favorite [4 stars]